New Guide to Ground Leases

GGL Three Books
Joshua Stein’s New Guide to Ground Leases, to be published in 2023 by ACRE Press, will reflect his 40 years of experience handling ground lease transactions. It will consist of three volumes, each about 500 pages, approximately as follows:

  • Volume 1: Encyclopedia of Ground Leases, covering a wide range of topics that arise in ground lease transactions. Click here for details.
  • Volume 2: A complete Model Ground Lease, including a Base Case (the minimum provisions every ground lease requires) and Bells & Whistles (options, alternatives, special clauses, etc.). Click here for details on the Model Ground Lease. Click here for comments on Base Case versus Bells & Whistles.
  • Volume 3: More than two dozen additional Model Document templates for ground lease transactions, most with a Base Case and Bells & Whistles. Click here for details.

This work will become a definitive resource for sophisticated ground lease transactions. It will also represent an indispensable investment for any law firm, law library, or law department with a significant focus on commercial real estate law and for any practitioner who regularly negotiates or reviews ground leases.

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